Terms and Agreement

The grants made by Women on Mission-St. Louis are specifically designated to make a significant and sustainable impact on the lives of our St. Louis neighbors by expressing God’s love through collective giving. Our focus grant allocation designation is the College Hill area of St. Louis, Missouri.

  1. The grant is earmarked for the specified grant project as described in the funding proposal and related correspondence. The grantee agrees that the allocated funds will be expended for the explicit purposes described in the original proposal. Funds are nontransferable, either partially or in their entirety to any other person or entity.
  2. No substantial changes in the budget (greater than $1000.00) may be made without the approval of Women on Mission-St. Louis. Any funds not used for the purpose described in the proposal shall revert to Women on Mission-St. Louis.
  3. In the event that an organization loses tax-exempt status (501 (c) (3) before all funds have been spent the remaining funds shall be returned to Women on Mission-St. Louis.

Additional requirements:

  1. Interim Report: The Grantee shall submit an interim report biannually with details on progress made toward achieving goals outlined in the proposal.
  2. Final Report: A final report shall be submitted by the Grantee with line item expenditures and outcomes for the project or program.
  3. Other reports may be necessary concerning expenditures and record keeping for the outlined project.
  4. The Grantee agrees to maintain books and records in accordance to standard record keeping practice.
  5. Grantee agrees to maintain all appropriate insurance coverage for the duration of the granting agreement.
  6. Grantee agrees to permit on site visits by Women on Mission-St. Louis with reasonable notification.
  7. Grantee agrees that Women on Mission-St. Louis has the right to review/reject all publicity drafts about the grant prior to their release.
  8. If the Grantee violates the terms and conditions of the grant, Women on Mission- St. Louis may terminate the grant. Upon termination of the grant for any reason, Grantee agrees to immediately repay Women on Mission-St. Louis any portion of the grant funds that were not spent for the project.

I understand and agree to the forgoing terms and condition of Women on Mission-St. Louis and hereby certify my authority to execute this agreement on behalf of (Organization)