What We’ve Done


A video made in celebration of our TEN YEAR anniversary!




Eleven Years and $703,000
A Celebration of Our Grant Dollars at Work in College Hill

2008 – $45,000 grant awarded to Big Brothers Big Sisters
Our grant funded 37 matches of adults to children in College Hill. Although our grant was only for 2 years, the matches made were funded by BBBS until the children reached the age of 18. These relationships affected the entire family.

2009 — $47,000 grant awarded to CONNECTIONS TO SUCCESS
CTS opened an office in College Hill and used our grant to provide classes for heads of families in literacy, financial education, and job search. CTS still works in College Hill with permanent office space at Grace Hill Settlement House. Our members prepare lunches for class and help mentor the trainees. We also volunteer with the Dress for Success Boutique.

2010 – $53,000 grant awarded to QUEEN OF PEACE
This grant funded intervention to reduce the impact of substance abuse on women and their families. The College Hill Community Recovery Project was specifically developed as an outreach, screening and treatment referral program. Members also sponsored a baby shower for pregnant women in treatment and made donations of clothing and baby supplies.

2011 — $60,000 grant awarded to ST. LOUIS CRISIS NURSERY
Our grant funded the placement of a counselor in the community to deal with overwhelming parental stress and child safety in times of immediate danger. This was the first time Crisis Nursery had focused on a single neighborhood. We continue to support the N. Grand location with donations of clothing and toys.

2012 — $54,000 grant awarded to LUTHERAN HOUSING SUPPORT
Women on Mission supported LHS in their long term plans to build 20 affordable homes in College Hill. Grant monies were used to address primary barriers to successful homeownership including financial education and a buyer support system. Our volunteers furnished the first house which was used as a model home and they also gave a housewarming to the first qualified buyer.

2013 — $60,000 grant awarded to CRIME VICTIMS ADVOCACY CENTER
Women on Mission provided funding to support the victims of violent crime in College Hill. A counselor-pastor team along with a police officer were put in place to help the families navigate any legal or social service issues. Our members are part of their used cell phone collection program. The phones are refurbished, loaded with minutes and given to those in
potentially dangerous living situations.

2014 — $65,000 grant awarded to CONNECTIONS TO SUCCESS
Through the Responsible Fatherhood Program, 20 fathers of 59 children completed classes which provided tools and  resources needed to find employment, improve parenting skills, address legal issues, and enjoy healthy relationships with  their children. 77% of the men were employed within 4 months. Our  volunteers served lunches and interacted with the

2015 — first of two $40,000 grants awarded to LIFT FOR LIFE GYM
LFLG recruited students enrolled at Bryan Hill Elementary School in programs designed to increase wellness for children
and families through nutrition education, cooking instruction and access to regular exercise through fitness classes and
basketball. WOM members donated gym shorts, t-shirts, socks and water bottles for this program.

2015 – second of two $40,000 grants awarded to LUTHERAN HOUSING SUPPORT
These funds were used to purchase a state of the art security camera system. The system was deployed to “hot spot” areas responsible for 50% of the crime in College Hill. It provides valuable information to the police and limits the risk to residents who fear retaliation for reporting crimes. The safety of the neighborhood has improved dramatically with recent reports citing a 40% decline in total crime!

2016 — first of two $42,500 grants awarded to GRACE HILL SETTLEMENT HOUSE
The Family Partnership Program provided three family coaches to serve at Bryan Hill Elementary School. The mentors for children and their families offer individualized support in areas of academic and behavioral needs. Students are incentivized for attendance and academics.

2016 – second of two $42,500 grants awarded to EYE CARE CHARITY OF MIDAMERICA
Free eye exams and glasses will be provided to 250 children living in College Hill. Improved vision will help children excel in school.

2017 – first of two $41,500 grants awarded to HUMANITRI
Funding will provide home-based social services and permanent housing to 15 families in College Hill. At the conclusion of the tw0-year grant cycle, the 15 families served will establish and maintain leases in their own name, demonstrate family and self-sufficiency as well as maintain employment at a livable wage.

2017 – second of two $41,500 grants awarded to CONNECTIONS TO SUCCESS
CTS will assist 20 women residing in College Hill with the necessary education and vocational skills training to enter the local construction trades industry. This will provide living wage employment allowing for better support of themselves and their families.

2018 – first of two $35,500 grants awarded to LUTHERAN HOUSING SUPPORT
The grant funding the College Hill Community Play Space is a part of a total neighborhood revitalization plan. Fund from Women on Mission will be used to help purchase abandoned and unsafe land and turn it into a welcoming green space designed for creative play and positive social engagement for children and adults.

2018 – second of two $35,500 grants awarded to LITTLE BIT FOUNDATION
Little Bit Foundation is a leader in breaking down barriers to learning for disadvantaged children in the Saint Louis area. Our grant has allowed them to hire a therapist for Bryan Hill Elementary School in College Hill. This will help 25 children per year deal with the stress of those who live i poverty, have endured trauma and have been exposed to violence.